Thursday, 18 December 2014

Contemporary Theatre 1

Contemporary Theatre
So Miss Day introduced a play to us about a woman named Rachel who was an activist and when to Palestine in the middle of the Palestine war to protest that the Israeli stop what they’re doing to Palestine there enemies, we read through the script and I really felt attached to the main character (Rachel) until in the end Miss Day revealed that she was murdered by an Israeli tank, Rachel parents tried to sue the Israeli government for murder which didn’t work because the driver of the tank which ran her over claimed that it was an “accident” that he ran her over four times. This started off a class discussion on how silly war is and that it’s so unnecessary, I really liked this because I think this cold tell how passionate we were about this play and that we wanted to talk about it. After we split off into groups to start devising a piece for the play because we was going to do an abstract version of the play, my group started off with devising the water scene it’s when the Palestine are queuing for water but the Israeli can walk right through me and Chris played the two Israeli citizens being smug to the Palestine citizens that they get the water no problem, we showed this by John luca and Emy queuing for water and Shaine as the guard Me and Chris walk through and Shaine attacks the two citizens who become angry at our selfishness, we all walk away together and shrug because that’s our groups message and what we got from the play at how in the Palestine war, war happens every day and how it’s like a shrug of the shoulder, we really felt like this conveyed a message about the war and the citizens of Israeli and Palestine. We tried to make it abstract but I think next lesson we will work on the scene or maybe move onto another scene and try and make it abstract and different.
Overall I’m excited about this lesson and this subject, I think we can really make this play abstract and different one that draws in an audience.

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