Saturday, 20 December 2014

contemporary Theatre performance evaluation

What went well?
The blocking was strong at the start of the performance we all knew it very well it flowed very well, props were effective like the diary for example we passed it around to the person who was playing Rachel, my lines were delivered strong and with character. The way we told the story was c,ear and told in an abstract physical theatre style which is what made our performance different and strong.
What went wrong?
Towards the end the blocking became weak but that is because certain members of our group didn't come to rehearsals to help create new blocking that would have been stronger but they didn't remember the new blocking I gave to them, all of us had to have our scripts on stage with us, which showed weakness. We also had a member missing from our group, Shaine she had an accident and wasn't able to attend the assessment so we had to miss her parts of lines.
Overall on the performance?
The beginning was strong characters was strong the story we was telling in our own perspective and blocking went well and you could see this clearly. Our abstract physical theatre was strong and clear through the start, we should of worked on the end scene more but it was difficult organising rehearsals.
What would you do next time to make it better?
I think I would of rehearsed my lines more so that towards the end I was more confident with them, as a group we should of tried to organise more rehearsals so that our blocking would have been stronger throughout the performance and I think we know that as a group, but we still tried our best and tried to perform it as our characters to the best of our ability which I think was strong even though we had a group member missing.

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