Saturday, 20 December 2014

contemporary Theatre 9

On pages 38 and 39 we repeated again the 'perfect' American garden scene with rachels mother and father played by sky and Chris is in the garden reacting to the email rachel has sent back to them they both comfort each other clearly showing the relationship and how they are worried for rachel.whilst this is happening Montana is typing up the email to the mother and father,  this scene is a split scene between the mother and father and rachel.
On the last paragraph on page 38 rachel is talking to her dad saying if he wants to pretend she's actually living a happy life then do so because that's what she likes to do to distract herself from the recurring horror in Palestine, whilst this is being spoken by me Chris is putting members of our group into different positions with the examples rachel has been giving him for example "I am in a Hollywood movie, or a sitcom starring Michael J fox".
The very last scene we worked on was all about rachel going to the bought pantry with her friend Colin,  ifs all about the 9/11 incident in America she hears this in a shop on the radio whilst in Palestine to show this we simply had everyone shopping around whilst I was talking then we all shared the lines from "I convinced Colin" up to the line "I figured if it was world war III" when we each say these lines we sit on the floor in a line  as if she was sitting on the pavement out side the shop looking very concerned and shocked with Colin, we paused for 3 seconds and then all shrugged. That's how we ended our script to really give that final message of the terror that Rachel is trying to stop and how maybe she's beginning to become used to terror having been in Palestine for so long.
I think this ending is strong we hope to give an impact on our audience.

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