Thursday, 18 December 2014

Contemporary Theatre 4

Contemporary Theatre
The next scene we started to focus on was Gian luca’s lines which focus on the water supplies of Rafah and how it is taken for granted, so we all discussed how we was going to show how soldiers are taking the water and how it’s unfair and wrong that they are able to control the water supplies, so me and Chris play two soldiers, Montana and Shaine play soldiers who are guarding the well and Gian luca, Emmy and Sky play the citizens begging for water. Me and Chris walk up to the well and ask permissions to be let through we drink the water handsomely and walk away and chuck the water on the citizens to mock them and we then knock them out this shows the power the army have over the citizens by levels with the citizens being on the ground below them, after this scene we then show in a more abstract way how the government and the army are taking the water. So Shaine and Montana are crawling to drink the water and me and Chris again are taking the water by using a blue cloth to symbolise the water Emmy and Sky are standing behind us with their hands to show how the government control and influence the Israeli army. We shrug in this scene towards the end of each of them we really thought it would be effective to keep shrugging every time something wrong and terrible happens to show how things like this is an everyday thing and how it’s become normal something terrible or wrong was happening to show people in Palestine and Rafah

The next part is Chris’s lines where he explains how homes are destroyed and there’s rubble everywhere because of the bulldozers, to symbolise the 12 meter high wall that Rachel (Chris) is witnessing in Rafah me and Emmy use a plain white sheet to show this which then later turns into a tank to shoot the children who are playing in the street sand bulldozing homes, the people who play children/protesters are Montana and Shaine and me, Emmy, Gian luca and Sky are the bulldozer/tank. We knew this scene was important because we wanted to show how homes are being destroyed and that the army is careless, we also stomped our feet to symbolise the bulldozers loud noise because realistically it sounds loud and scary and that’s the sort of impact we wanted on our audience.
Next lesson: focus on getting more scenes done for script

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