Thursday, 18 December 2014

Contemporary Theatre 3

                                                        Contemporary Theatre
In today’s lesson we focused on casting and lines, playing Rachel is me but her lines are shared out to our whole group so it’s from different views and it’s more abstract because there isn’t many roles especially when there is 6 of us and basically only 3 speaking parts in the whole script which is: the mother, the father and of course Rachel. We took two lessons to do this only because the lesson after we was added a new member to the group. So everyone basically has parts of Rachel’s lines, but I in a way play the main part of Rachel physically, Chris plays the father of Rachel. Sky and Shaine play the mother, John luca, sky and Emmy share some of those lines. I’m quite pleased with my lines and I think the way we’ve set up the lines are going to be effective for our audience because it’s not only going to be focused of one person per character it’s going to be different people.
Next lesson: focus on developing more scenes from the script, try and devise them to become abstract.

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