Thursday, 18 December 2014

Contemporary Theatre 5

Contemporary Theatre
We started to develop more blocking this lesson on Emmy’s scene on the  new IDF tower in Rafah, we obviously wanted something to symbolise the towers so we had Sky and Chris as the towers and Gian luca as the new tower, we wanted to show how Rachel (Emmy) was slightly scared and worried about the new tower so to show this we had Gian luca stand with a white sheet over him and Sky and Chris reveal him to the public whilst Emy reacts to this me and Shaine who are doing our laundry are just shrugging it off and confused to why she is reacting the way she is, this is to put more emphasis on the fact of how used to all this terror the citizens of Palestine are, also while this is happening Montana walks around hanging round banners as an activist with Emmy.
The next scene which is Sky's lines is all about how at 10pm people get shot down to show this we had Montana as the shooter watching over me, Emmy and Gian luca as if I was conducting an interview meaning I was playing Rachel and interviewing some citizens, Chris and Shaine symbolise the clock striking 10 on the line "but after about 10pm" that is our ques to check our watches and run out of the interview, when I run out I don't get shot obviously because I'm playing Rachel but Gian luca and Emmy do, after that scene ends we all end with a shrug with is something we do for the continuity for the play.
The last scene that we worked on was Shaine's lines, to summarise this part it's about how the media is telling everyone how people have been protesting in the UK and the USA we showed this by Shaine watching the TV reacting to me reporting on the TV the staging for this was all of us facing the front, Sky, Emmy and Gian luca protesting representing the USA and UK citizens, Chris creating a background by holding a white sheet behind me, and Montana played the person recording me, who was the only one with back to the audience this scene was very spread out.
This lesson was very productive we got a lot done and we plan to get much more scenes blocked next lesson

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