Saturday, 20 December 2014

Contemporary Theatre 7

Contemporary Theatre
Originally our blocking for pages 34 and 35  which is all about the emails that Rachel sends to her mother and father so we wanted to keep it quite simple  at first it was going to be me  sitting in the middle  Shaine to my left and sky to my right, I was going to react to the emails from Rachel’s mother in this scene played by (Shaine and sky) and then respond and they would do the same with my emails I think we may have had a small scene playing in the background acting out the emails but we changed that in rehearsals we changed the whole next scenes after page 34 and 35 which didn't really go well because of people not turning up to rehearsals, in rehearsals which me and some others of our group turned up to we changed the scene completely we wanted to show the difference between Rachel's parents world and  Palestinian world . So in the new blocking we had Sky and Shaine in a 'hammock' living in a luxury world talking to Rachel and with her husband having a barbecue. Me and Montana who was playing Rachel who at this point in the script are staying with family's in Palestine who offered to take her in and care for her, she talks about how she and a family who she is staying with have to all share a a room with the parents so to show this we had all of us from our group apart from Shaine and sky to bundle up and be asleep to represent the squished room, So because me and Montana hare lines in this scene whenever one if us spoke we would sit up and pretend to be on our computers replying to our mother, We thought this would be realistic and really dynamic with how we were showing two types of world's.

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