Thursday, 18 December 2014

contemporary Theatre 6

In this lesson we wanted to continue with the blocking so we started with Montana small scene in the script to summarise she is talking about life and death and the different lives people live terror wise to show this we had two cloths to symbolise life and death for death we had a black Cape which Gian luca wears and we had a white Cape to symbolise life which Chris wears. Montana stands in the centre reading her lines Chris is to her left Gian luca to her right on the line "the difference between Hitler and my mother" Emmy steps forward symbolising the mother, on the line "the difference between Whitney Houston and a Russian mother" me, Shaine and Sky stand forward I pose signing symbolising Whitney Houston and Shaine and Sky play the Russian mother and her son dying we hold these positions until my line "And I knew back then" in which everyone circles round me shrugging and shaking there head because my lines is rachel talking about how she knows that her whole life is going to amount to one shrug so we thought it would be really effective that the whole group would circle round me to stress and add more of an effect to the message we was trying to convey about the shrugging because we feel that Rachel felt quite strongly about how people in Palestine reacted to the terror with a sort of shrug attitude.
The next scene we worked on was all about the tufah checkpoint  which is all about  the citizens wanting  to go  through  and start there jobs or who have errands to do it's to show to the audience how long people have to wait just to go to there jobs  which they should have the right to do , so we created a simple spread out licking to show this chris stands in the centre if the room to represent  the checkpoint which let's citizens through he wears a white cloth to create a wall through his body, to represent the wall  and a soldier.  Me, Emmy and Shaine play the women  we stand on the right hand side of the stage because Rachel in the script says "women and kids on right men on left" so of course we put Gian Luca, Sky and Montana on the left to play the boys and the lines on page 32 was our  wue lines to either go through or wait, for example "the women kneel, stand up again, and return " on this Gian Luca runs forward miming a yell to us the women and we kneel the. Stand up and go back to our original positions. After this short sequence me, Sky, Gian Luca  are trying to reach over chris looking in the other side to resemble  the people who want to  to visit families or go to there jobs and university's you can see this when Rachel says "this means that Palestinians who want to go and register for their next quarter at university can't."  Whilst we are on the side of begging to go over Montana , Shaine  and Emmy are looking back at us or trying to look over the wall upset and missing lived ones , we thought it was interesting to show it from this perspective because your seeing both point of views  and how it's effecting everyone with the checkpoint.
The last scene which follows straight after the checkpoint scene on pages 32 & 33 Emmys lines are next and her scene is all about how she has left rafah to stay in Palestine she talks about being I'll and a family taking care if her especially a woman who reminds her to keep in contact with her mother we showed this by Shaine who plays the woman comforting Emmy. Emmy is playing a sick Rachel in this scene and we showed this by Shaine simply walking her forward from the check point comforts her and cares for her and walks away this is all during Emmy's lines
Next lesson try and get more scenes blocked keep trying hard

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