Saturday, 20 December 2014

contemporary Theatre 8

So we started off from where we left off on page 36 and 37, this scene is all about rachel making a check list and asking her friend to come and visit her, so Emmy who at this point is playing Rachel is making a check list on the things she has to either set up of do so as Emmy is saying her lines standing central all of us in the back or round the side act out the errands she needs to do.
The next scene which we also recreated at the rehearsal was page 37 which is all about the water supply for Rafah being shot at to workers and activist and receiving an email from her father, so we thought to repeat the scene from page 29 but instead of civilians being knocked out instead they are shot out to show the progression of terror through the play, this scene are my lines which I read out and the repeated scene is at the back of me, we thought that repetition would be f festive especially since the next time it's worse.
The next scene was rachels dad email, who is played by Chris he plays the father who has more of a close bond with rachel and let's her make her own decisions unlike her mother who worries a lot about rachel which doesn't mean the father doesn't, anyway Chris says all this whilst drinking a bear and having a barbecue with the mother on the hammock just like the previous scene this is again to highlight different world's through blocking.

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