Thursday, 12 June 2014

Principles of acting

Overall Evaluation

I think the performance for the assessment went very well throughout all the times we had to go through the script, for other actors who had to play understudy's of some of the main characters. I kept in character the whole time and always performed it full out with my character, I was very happy with my performance I was a successful ensemble member what I like about an ensemble is that everyone has an important role to play if you pulled me out of the performance people in the ensemble would miss cue lines or movements and the performance would fall apart that's the same with everyone because everyone is important with this an ensemble, we all work as a team, listen and communicate with each other and be constantly in focus whilst being in character. I wouldn't have done anything different I believe that I did it full out and tried my best I never came out of roll and my character was consistent. Throughout rehearsals I realised how important the rehearsals were, they helped me develop my character and let me know how I think the role should be played and also how to show how my character is feeling in the script, I knew this already of course but this style of theatre that Steven Burkoff does for Agamemnon and other plays showed me how important it is to exaggerate physically, facially and vocally and just how important they are. I think my strengths were my facial and vocal expressions I really tried to express how my character was feeling and also to show what was happening in scenes so the audience find it better to understand and are more engaged to the performance, rehearsals helped me develop character and physicality for the performance and I think they definitely worked because my performance, character and us as an ensemble performance was strong and consistent throughout the script.
Overall - The performance went well as an ensemble we were strong and consistent we all worked as a team and responded well to each other and worked as a  team, individually: I was consistently in role and performed as my character full out to the best I could to make a good performance because as a member of an ensemble no one can not be in character from time to time or not putting as much effort in because you'll make the ensemble look weak and you'll be picked out from the group which isn't what its meant to be its meant to be as a whole, I did it full out which is definitely important as a member of an ensemble.

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