Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Principles Of Acting

What is an ensemble and how is it effective within a play?

An ensemble is when a whole cast in a play performs as a whole, everyone has an important role to play, there isn't times where its all about the main characters explaining and helping carry the story. The whole ensemble helps show a emotion or theme in the performance.

How is it affective in a play?
In my opinion an ensemble is very effective to portray an emotion or help give more detail to parts of the story, I think this way its easy for an audience to understand whatever performance they are watching, this helps them become more engaged to the performance and have more of a reaction to what the cast are doing.
In Agamemnon I believe it looks so much more powerful and really has a full effect on an audience, an ensemble for Agamemnon really works to help show emotions of characters even if its not in there lines its as if the ensemble is showing you what the character is thinking in there head, an extended conscious if you like. But some of the lines spoken together as a whole cast instead of one person just makes the whole play so bold and loud, it really helps with projection with characters instead of one person trying to travel there voice out to an audience and across the room.

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