Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Principles of acting

What acting skills are required for performing as an ensemble?
  • Team work
  • concentration
  • listening skills
  • continuously in role
  • exaggeration
  • react well in time
  • projection
  • strong body language
  • communication skills
For our class performance as an ensemble for the play Agamemnon, we all had to use these skills like in the start of the play we all have to do a sequence of symbolised movements to certain lines
 for example the line "clawed hate" we all as an ensemble have to at the same time react to line being read out and reach across our body and claw our hands out and bring them back to our sides, the skills used there would be concentration, listening skills, react well in time, strong body language and team work. Another example would be that I had to listen to my cue line in the 'javelin' sequence, my line was "thrust" my cue line was "cut". so as a class and as a individual we all had to work and listen to each other so that we could perform the scenes well.

You definitely need these skills if you are to perform as an ensemble, because its all about knowing your cue and reacting well, and these skills will help you to perform well and make things easier for people in an ensemble for performance.

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