Thursday, 12 June 2014

Principles of acting

Line running

Miss day told us that as an ensemble we needed to sound stronger and more in sync as a group, also people with individual lines needed to speak them better. so as a group we all stood in a circle and read through our lines full out and with character, I don't think there was one time were I didn't try my best with my lines in the line run, Laura gave others general directing notes who she thought weren't saying there lines right and was trying to motivate them. The only personal note I gave myself was to make sure that my effort in my lines was continuous throughout my performance for my assessment this line run really helped because I was able to actually hear myself and know how I sound or how I should change things to sound better for the performance, this helped me understand that my lines and how I'm performing them are right to the theme and to my character that I developed with those lines.

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