Monday, 21 April 2014

developing physical theatre

Sarah Brown
Edgar Allen Poe's A Tell-Tale Heart
Lesson one of Adding stage blocking and movement to 'a tell tale heart' script

we started to build up the main scene of the mysterious character staring at the man sleeping, I was one of the clocks at first in the scene of the old mans bedroom, he is one of the main characters of the story. Physically to become a clock I had the help of the sticks that Miss. Day handed out to us which is what we used in one of our build up lessons before working on the script. Other students where pieces of furniture that you would find in a bedroom they also ha the help of sticks to create there shapes so it is easier for the audience to understand what object they are they were spread around the room placed like actual bedroom furniture. I had to use the sticks for the hands of the clock ticking around, my job as one of the clocks was too be the first ornament to make a noise or movement, other students which were other pieces of furniture had to follow after me by making a slow, quite noise or movement to start off, as I quickened moving the sticks and making a ticking noise the other parts of furniture had to quicken as well. But this all built up gradually it was not straight into a quick movement, after we are all moving fast and the movement has built up to its highest point we all melt to the side of the old mans bed, who is played by Reece Hodges he speaks the line of the old man inquiring about the noise to himself. we rehearsed this part throughout the lesson up to the end of the old mans lines so we could memorize the blocking and movement that was added.
this lesson helped me understand to how a scene should build up and have suspension in it, also shows how important and effective movement is in a scene.

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