Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Princples of acting

Thursday 27th February

Adding movement and stage blocking to our Agamemnon scripts
Bold words = my lines
In todays lesson we focus on page 15, we went through the start of the script cleaning up bits that were slightly messy and then we got up to page 15 from where we left off. We are in our new positions from where we run into them shouting our lines and finish off with "HACK", Shaine walks on from the left side of the room and stands upon a chair to show her power and what she's saying is important, we all look up to her as she says her lines and then Francis who is playing Agamemnon comes in from the right side of the room and stands upon the chair to show his power and what he's saying is important. The two are saying how they have parted because Agamemnon has had to leave for the war, Clytemnestra is saying that her husband is gone and he is no longer an interest to her, she is now sleeping with Aegisthus (Agamemnon's cousin) because her husband is away at war "my husband is in troy, he has left me, he is a memory that is faulty, he is desire that is curdled, stride through my body Aegisthus, send your armies through my veins". Agamemnon is saying that he has left and he is no longer interested in Clytemnestra and how he is going to fight in the war "I am in troy, I have left her, she is a memory that is faulty, she is desire curdled, I float in heat and blood, I stride through men's flesh like cancer, my hands are the claws of eagles". After this we are all still standing in our positions spread across the room and our lines all represent how the Greek civilians have been waiting years for the war to finish, as we say our lines we have to do a really creepy face and say it in a slow creepy way, whilst tilting our heads to the side and hold it there until the end of the chorus lines I start of the lines with "meanwhile we wait" I found it a little difficult to do the creepy face and voice because I was slightly embarrassed but that's what I like about this script it pushes you to do these sort of things and helps you become more confident in that area. after that part of the script we all look forward towards the audience and stand there whilst Clytemnestra speaks her part about how the gods will seek revenge on the war and that her Childs life will be taken as sacrifice to the gods. we then moved on to page 16 which is where Shaine's lines finish and the chorus start explaining about how Agamemnon is on a boat and how his men are growing stale because of the horrible wind, we walk out from our old positions and we form a boat as a ensemble and hold each others hands, to make the boat more interesting and realistic we added swaying movements to show that the boat is moving, unfortunately we had to finish off from here and carry on page 16 next lesson. Todays lesson was interesting I had to slightly come out of my comfort zone and do some interesting lines, facial and vocal expressions. This lesson I've learned how to come out of my comfort zone in the 'meanwhile we wait' scene even though I was slightly uncomfortable with doing a creepy face and voice I really did try vocally to go into that creepy old voice, I know I need to work on my facial expressions for this point in the script to become more of my character and develop more of that character and show how I'm feeling vocally and facially to the audience, but also to become more comfortable with this part in the script, I would try and achieve this by not being embarrassed or just keep going over that section of the script to become more confident with that part.

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