Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Principles of acting

Thursday 20th February

Adding movement and stage blocking to Agamemnon scripts
Bold words = my lines
This lesson we returned to page 14 from where we left off and went through Helen's and Paris's love scene who is played by Tarrik and Amy P. Were we left off last time we was all surrounding Tarrik and Amy P in a semi-circle looking at them in disgust because they are having an affair against Menelaus Helens husband while staring we say our lines about how this affair is having an impact on the war we are whispering this to the audience as if its a forbidden secret one of my lines is "Trojans drowning in each others blood". This is one of the reasons aggamemnom went to war to defend Menelaus because they think Paris had kidnapped Helen which he did kidnap her until them two actually develop feelings for each other. We all surround the two and look at them in disgust and Tarrik says his lines talking to Helen about making love to her, when he finishes his lines he leans in to kiss Helen  and freezes there, we continue with whispering to the audience talking about Helen and Paris one of my lines are "insatiate weapon" then at the end of the lines we shout out in anger "TEN THOUSAND MEN, TEN THOUSAND TIMES, WILL TROJANS BELLIES OPEN UP TO THEM" from those lines we run in a opposite position into our new positions spread across the room shouting the actions of what is happening in the war, one of my lines is "thrust" and after everyone has announced our lines we all shout "HACK" and stand in our new positions, which is being spread out from across the room. from here we kept rehearsing running into our new positions so we could memorize where we stood and make it effective enough to show the anger in our voices as if we are in the war, we kept running it from the start of the new part that we just added and kept going over it making sure that we all understood what we were doing and to make sure it looked effective and clean. This lesson I really got a feel of what my character feels with this part of the script and I really tried to project and show anger in my voice to show those emotions with my character, this will have an effect on the audience because you are intimidating the audience by shouting at them and giving them a taste on how you as the character feel. 

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