Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Principles of acting

Thursday 13th February

Adding movement and stage blocking to Agamemnon scripts
Bold words = my lines

Today we worked on the first part of page 14 which is a battle sequence in-which we are spread across the room with our fighting partners, we all chose our own partners to choreograph a fight after the two separate lines are read which are "I am fighting for Troy" and "I am fighting for Greece". My partner is Amy Barnard and our fight that we choreographed is fighting with our hands rather than weapons I think this is a more brutal way of fighting and could show a little story that our weapons are gone and our fists are our last resort, after the fight sequence is over the people who are 'fighting for Greece' have to end up on the floor because in the story troy does win. The people playing troy start off shouting "your blood soaks me" "your sword is my pain" "your skin tears like silk I am fighting for troy" "I am fighting for Greece" "you are killing me brother "you are killing me" and then we all scream and the fighting scene finishes. We kept going over the first pages into the fight sequence so we know our queues for us to run out of our triangle formation and into our fighting positions. After going over that part of the script we moved on to the next part of page 14 which is the part were we all surround Tarrik and Amy P in a semi-circle Tarrik and Amy are playing Helen and Paris, we only got up to here in the end of the lesson and this was to carried on next week. This lesson I learned to project my voice and stay in character throughout awkward or uncomfortable situations.

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