Wednesday, 30 April 2014

principles of acting

Thursday 6th march

Adding movement and stage blocking to our Agamemnon scripts

Bold words= my lines

In today’s lesson we focused on the boat scene in the Agamemnon script page 16, this scene is about how Agamemnon and his army are waiting in their boat for the sea to pick up its pace and let them travel faster. In this scene I play more of a physical role as the boat. Me and other class mates who have to be the boat our job is to sway back and forth creating an image to our audience that the sea is calm and steady. as a part of the ensemble who plays the boat we found it quite difficult at first to find out which way the left side of the boat was going to the right side, so we had to communicate with each other and figure out which way we was going, after we figured it out we wrote it in our scripts to learn and remember, we then started to sway slowly throughout the paragraph Francis speaks its from the line “where is the captain of the fleet” to line of “hoist yourself to helm and mast” this is where we pick up the paste of the swaying as if hope comes through a storm  and we sway faster and rougher showing the danger of the storm and how its picked up from being gentle. It was very interesting to do this because I’ve never really done anything physical like this for a scene with my body and it was very interesting that I was a part of the boat and helping explain the story. Whilst we are picking up the paste we all have to say our lines loudly and panicky as if we are a part of the storm, one of my lines is “the seas like vast shaking mountains” I think this is one of my favourite lines because I try and put as much panic and worry in to my voice also I really try to project my voice and I really try to show how bad the storm is. The fast swaying stops as soon as the line “top sail smacks barque” is said we all stop and when Francis says his first line “what must I do what remedy” we all turn in to stare at Francis in a circle around him, I like to think of this part as peer pressuring him to sacrifice his daughter to repay for lives that were lost, one of my lines are “a maid must bleed” I try to put as much emphasis into this line as possible as if I’m stressing to Agamemnon that this has to be done, the whole class apart from Francis shouts to him “do it” we all stand and stare at Francis and Shayne who play Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, she is asking him not to do it and warning him if he does she will get revenge on him. He says he must do the sacrifice otherwise disaster will follow if he doesn’t, Francis then says “disband the fleet” and we all scatter out to our new positions around the room. From there we went through the boat scene which at first was difficult but we pulled through as an ensemble and the scene came through beautifully. This lesson I learned that using our body’s in a performance is vital to help setting a scene but also more interesting to an audience and helps create more of a character, vocally I learned to put a lot of emphasis and try and think as a character how would I say this line or feel about it so I can show it in my facial expressions, this is good for development of my character because I feel like I'm learning more of my character each day. This lesson I learned using tone of voice and body language help incline to the audience what is happening and what my character is saying or trying to do. this is what I love about my character it has so many ranges of personality so its almost like playing multiple roles and different feelings at one point which helps showcase my acting more showing the different roles I am able to do. This style of theatre really helps showcase actors abilities physically and the script just adds to showcasing our talents as an ensemble.

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