Tuesday, 22 April 2014

developing physical theatre

Sarah Brown
Edgar Allen Poe's A Tell-Tale Heart
What worked well with the stage blocking and movement to the script of A Tell-Tale Heart?

One of the things that worked really well for me was the build-up of the scene, with all of the pieces of furniture moving slowly and building up faster and faster for them to all melt away next to the old mans bed to create angels and demons. To develop this first part of the script I would of tried to make it more obvious that there were angels there because it seemed that the demons were more noticeable in the scene, so maybe I would have had the angels do gestures like prayer hands or looking up to god, just something to let the audience know they are demons AND angels looking over at the old man. I think the narrator (the main character) who I was playing could have had more stage blocking like maybe more sneaking around the room staring oddly at the old man as if inspecting the eye, this would of made it more interesting and showed maybe how afraid and nervous the narrator was when near the eye, it would also show how vulnerable the old man was in this situation he’s partially blind, and its pitch black so he wouldn’t be able to see the narrator, I also would of have me walk off more in a sneaky way when the old man wakes up on the eighth night as if I’m still being precocious that the old man can sense me there so I can murder him.

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