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developing phyiscal theatre

Sarah Brown
Edgar Allen Poe's A Tell-Tale Heart
Who is Edgar Allan Poe?

  • He was an author, American poet and an editor
  • Gothic fiction was what he was known for
  • Most of his themes were based on death, the effect you have of discomposure, being buried alive and the reanimation of the dead and mourning.
  • Beside gothic fiction and horror he also wrote, satires, humour stories and hoaxes.
  • When writing he mainly stuck to one theme and not a variety of themes.


  • Born 1806 and died 1849
  • His parents were both actors
  • He is the middle child of his siblings he is the 2nd of 3 children
  • Within 3 years of his life his parents passed away
  • He was adopted by a rich merchant who sold tobacco and his wife
  • Studied at the university of Virginia, but struggled to pay his fees
  • At 18 years of age he published his first book
  • In the year 1845 he published ‘the raven’ this poem was what made his name known and what made him big

Famous publications

  • The Masque of the Red Death (1842)
  • The Cask of Amontillado (1847)
  • The Tell-Tale Heart (1843)

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