Monday, 3 February 2014

Principles of acting

Thursday 30th January

This lesson we went through the script and highlighted our lines and rehearsed parts that the class would have to say in synchronisation. we also was set objectives:
  • Being off script
  • knowing cue lines
  • Tone of voice
Style of ensemble:
  • formation
  • synchronisation
  • image through body language
  • speaking and moving as one
  • chorus as narration
Miss. day told us what she is marking us on and what we have to be able to do on this term assessment which is:
  • how well you take direction and feedback
  • quality of performance
  • how you interpret the script and style
This lesson it helped me get a feel of my character and what they say and know what I'm saying in the script but it also lets me see how I'm meant to be feeling in certain scenes which will help me work on my character development so I know how to feel or what I'm meant to be showing facially or physically.

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