Monday, 3 February 2014

Developing physical theatre

Sarah Brown
Tuesday 14th January
Edgar Allen Poe's 'A Tell-Tale Heart'

For a self study we had to research the plot and characters of the story 'A tell tale heart'. doing this helped me understand the language and content of the story, also helping me understand the main character more and what is wrong with he/she. We then shared what we had found out about the story and what its style was, so even if you didn't have information that the other classmates had then you could just write them down and then you haven't missed out on anything important.
  • abstract
  • surreal
  • dream-like
  • unrealistic
  • fantasy
  • over the top
We then was given a sheet by Miss. Day of information on Edgar Allen Poe it was a sheet of information based on the famous writer to help us understand him more and what kind of style his writing was which is gothic fiction, horror, satires, humour and hoaxes.

Overall this lesson really helped me understand not just the story and characters but the writer as well.

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